Entering a flooded house is dangerous, even if the water went down before the entry. A professional company like we are has a set of rules that we follow before we enter a flooded house. First, there is the equipment that we use and it includes everything from the mask to gloves and special waterproof boots. Then there is the question of electricity and gas installations.

Dealing with gas and power in the flooded property

flood - electricityTurning off the electricity and gas is a must before we enter a building. Contemporary wiring systems are highly susceptible to water and rewiring is required even if they were in contact with water for a couple of hours. Once the moisture enters cables and plug sockets, it’s nearly impossible to dry them completely. We always advise changing the wiring system rather than re-using the old wires that were cleaned as they may cause issues in the future.

Gas system in a house has to be properly cleaned and tested before you can turn it on. Failure to do so may cause a leak or an explosion which may hurt you and other people.

We also check the water supply system

flooded water supply systemThe possibility of a contaminated water supply system by the flood is minuscule, but the possibility exists and we have to check it. Small floods whose cause is sewer back-up can’t affect the water supply system, but massive natural floods can. Large floods can contaminate the water system and turn the drinkable water into undrinkable. Even if we don’t detect saturation in the water system pipes, we advise the homeowners to hire a plumber to check other parts of the system.

Restoration of the furniture

Some furniture is restartable, and some aren’t. Electric items may be restored, but just some of them will work after they dry. Solid furniture will survive the flood in the majority of the cases. High-quality furniture that has sold wood will be OK, while cheap wood furniture may not survive.

Cushions, pillows, and other similar furniture might be beyond salvation depending on the time it spent in the water and its material.