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Author: Toby Jenkins

Restoration of the flooded property

Entering a flooded house is dangerous, even if the water went down before the entry. A professional company like we are has a set of rules that we follow before we enter a flooded house. First, there is the equipment that we use and it includes everything from the mask to gloves and special waterproof boots. Then there is the question of electricity and gas installations. Dealing with gas and power in the flooded property Turning off the electricity and gas is a must before we enter a building. Contemporary wiring systems are highly susceptible to water and rewiring...

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Water restoration after a major flood

The real work on water restoration starts when the flood recedes. Only then you can see how massive the destruction is and only then you can start on restoring what is restartable. Many people become depressive after a flood, but that is not the time for depression, it’s time for work. Every minute that passes after the water goes down is a minute more for mold and bacteria to flourish. The right move for a homeowner is to hire us, the professional water restoration company that will save the majority of your household. Different elements of the house and...

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How to beat the mold after a flood

Water can destroy a whole house, even after you drain it all. Cleaning a house after a flood is a type of race between you and the mold that is just around the corner. Flood water is the dirtiest form of water, and it may cause many health problems through mold and bacteria it brings. It will take between 24 and 48 hours for mold to form and for bacteria to multiply and cause health issues for people. Individuals who have issues with allergies and asthma will feel the effect sooner than other people. Symptoms include flu-like pain, fatigue,...

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